Refining Voice: And Other Important Writer Things

I sound very different when I write then when I speak, and I think this is probably a good thing. When I speak I am very disjointed, and frequently try too hard for the laugh. When I write, it’s much more like how I think. This has it’s own set of issues, since my brain is like … a fireworks display. There are always about five things firing at once, all different colors and sizes. When I try to suppress them, they just explode anyway, so I just go with it.

This causes issues with voice in my writing. I think every writing class I’ve ever taken has critiqued at least once that there is no voice in the writing. I used to be really bothered by this (I probably still am honestly), but I’m realizing that it may be the nature of my voice. Just like music can change my mood instantly, so can my writing. Maybe I sound different from scene to scene because I feel different when writing them.

How do I fix this? I’ll let you know when I figure it out, but for now I’m going to go with re-writes and lots of proofing from my brutally honest husband. (I wouldn’t have him any other way. 🙂 )

Also just writing all the time. Always.

Another thing that’s on my mind this morning… I missed my first deadline for publishing a blog post this week. This is the first week I’ve had a (personally set) writing schedule. I felt like such a failure at first, but then I realized I need to learn from it, not beat myself up over it. I don’t need to make excuses, or say I’m sorry… I need to understand why it happened and work my best to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

I’m sitting here, writing two blog posts in less than an hour so that the rest of the week goes off without a hitch, and now I can start working on next week. I want to get at least a week ahead on my schedule (eventually a month ahead would be glorious), so then there is less pressure to do it day of. Sometimes the writing doesn’t come as easily, and that is ok. That is the nature of writing, right? Instead of thinking I’m a failure (for being like every other writer ever), I’m choosing to have failure insurance. With planning. Like I do.


Things I’d like to start putting on my posts, but I’m worried about feeling too much pressure, so here they are for now:

  • Run on sentences. ^
  • Comic Con excitement!

I make that face a lot when I think about it.








I’ll come up with better stuff for next time. I promise.

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