The Beauty of Working Ahead

This morning is the first time since I’ve started my blogging schedule that I am truly “ahead”. I wrote four posts yesterday, one that I published and three that are in the queue. I know this makes me sound like a loon, but it’s so incredibly freeing! To know that I can wake up and write whatever I want, be it… Read more →

New Trackers on the Site!

I just launched some trackers to keep myself accountable to my readers for how I’m progressing with my writing. You can find them here under the book/project they are for. Hopefully I’ll want to see the meters go up faster, and write more fervently. That or it will make my anxiety go into overdrive and I’ll never be done with… Read more →

Comic Con is Coming!

We are about a month out from Comic Con, and I am way behind. I’m supposed to have learnt to sew properly, be making 4 costumes, be in better shape… We’ll see how this goes. I have till October 8th to finish all the projects! Let’s do this.   I only have to make roughly this, this, this, a pair of… Read more →

Relying on I

Something I was really hit with on Sunday is my reliance on I. In pre-marital counseling, we were taught to use I statements. This is so you don’t blame your feelings on someone else, and also to help the conversation be productive instead of name calling. This is the hardest thing ever when you are in the middle of a… Read more →