Manna: What is it?

Today at church, the pastor was speaking on generosity and brought up the story of the Israelites in the desert, wandering for 40 years. Specifically he brought up the section on manna. When he was talking about it, he told us the definition of manna, “What is it?” This made me think of the whole story; how the manna would spoil overnight (except the 6th day), so no one could horde it. What was gathered that day was eaten that day, and it was shared among everyone, so no one went hungry.

This sparked something in me, an idea I’m not in a place to do but that I have talked to my husband about and we will challenge ourselves to as soon as possible. What if we lived like that? In the security that God provides for us, and that we can take our security from that instead of our own work?

What does this mean exactly? Well, my idea was, what if we lived like every day there was no roll-over? The food we make is only used today. When our work day is done, it’s done. That’s in the past and those negative feelings and emotions don’t move on to the next. Even if we have a lot of quality time as a couple one day, we don’t use that surplus the next to allow ourselves to not communicate and spend time with each other.

We live in a society of surplus, where our security comes from the things we have. We find security in money or items, in our own work, but those things can fail. These idols are fleeting and can let us down. We can let ourselves down. God doesn’t let us down though, so what would it look like to live in a way that really reflects that belief? What would it look like to make it more than lip-service?

Basically, I felt challenged to put my money where my mouth is. And I’m dragging my husband with me. Eventually. Luckily he’s pretty laid back and it isn’t kicking and screaming.

I’ll post more when we finally start our manna experiment.

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