How I’m Trying to Up My Writing Game

I’m currently not working, as you can read about here.

This means I have a lot of free time currently, and also that I have no income. My husband has been an amazing partner who supports both for the time, and that is such a blessing, but I hate it. I’ve had a job since I was 16 or 17 years old. I worked in college and at one point had a full time job while in school full time. I’ve always been career focused, to the point I didn’t think I planned on getting married. That all changed when I met my husband, and all of my career goals changed too. I no longer wanted to work 14-16 hour days so that I could move up the ladder, I wanted to work 8 hours and come home to my husband and spend time with him. My priorities shifted basically, and I’m not here to argue if that is right or not; but I know this: it was right for me.

I’ve quit two jobs since our marriage, the first was the long hours one I was talking about. The second was a nice cushy desk job that was amazing, but I couldn’t focus on my health like I need to. (See above linked post.) I think any full time job would be that way right now. My health has to come first, and I get that, but how do I keep my mental health when I am sitting at home all day with no reason to leave?

I write.

I have a lot of projects I’m working on: volunteering, learning to sew, general crafting to organize our apartment, cat cuddling… But I am mainly focusing on my writing.

I have three projects that are open right now, and the beginnings of inspiration on a fourth. I’ve finished act one of my novel, published a short eBook, and I’m working on the first of what I hope will be 4-6 devotionals inspired by places I’ve been in life.

How do you stay accountable to something that you don’t technically have to do? For me that has actually been easier than I thought. I found an online time tracker (Tracking Time) that allows me to put in all of my tasks (even the Sims) with goals for the week. There may be better trackers for this, but this is the one I’m currently using. When I start playing a game, I start the timer, when I’m done I stop it. If I get to the end of my time for the week on a game or reading, it’s done. I can’t go over my allotted time for entertainment items until I hit my goal for work items. If I go over on writing or time with my husband, that is fine, but over time on volunteering would not be. This has been my system I’m implementing, and it seems to be working.

I set goals for what was and was not acceptable trying to keep myself from spending too much time doing fun things and not enough doing the things I know I need to do. (Like cleaning. Ugh.)

That, and a publishing schedule above my computer, are how I’m pushing my writing forward. 🙂

It’s all a work in progress, but so far so good.

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